Get the Benefit of Ongoing Asset Allocation with Money Masters Life Stage Programs

Each Money Masters Life Stage Program is a fully managed, asset allocated portfolio designed to help you achieve predefined investment objectives that are specific to your needs.

Because stock, bond and cash equivalent asset classes typically perform differently under various market conditions, diversifying your portfolio across different asset classes is one of the key ways we seek to manage market volatility. The goal of asset allocation is to have a decline in one type of asset class be balanced out by a gain in another asset class.

Begin With Your Investor Profile

To identify which asset allocation is best suited to meet your needs, you begin by completing an Investor Profile.

The Investor Profile tells us your:

Investment Objective:
Determined based on what you want to achieve short-term and long-term

Investment Time Horizon:
Planning ahead so you can achieve your objectives within your timeline

Risk Tolerance Level:
Understanding your tolerance level based on both your emotional ability and your financial ability to tolerate changes in the market.

Investor Profile

From your Investor Profile, we recommend one of our diversified Money Masters Investment Portfolios. Click on the Money Masters sample portfolios below to view an example of asset allocation.

Studies have shown that having a professionallly created asset-allocated portfolio could be one of the most important factors in determining your results from long-term investing.

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