Enjoy the convenience of an online investment account combined with personalized help from an experienced Registered Investment Advisor

Founded in 1988

The Retirement Corporation of America® is a traditional Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) founded in 1988 by Daniel Kiley, CFP.  All professionals at the firm operate in a fiduciary capacity, with a legal obligation to always put our client's interests first. As independent advisors, we are completely free to choose the investments we believe are best suited to meet our clients specific needs during each life stage.

Offering Online Advisory Programs Since 2005

Our firm registered Money Masters with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2005 as an online investment advisory program. With very low fees and a $10,000 minimum investment requirement — Money Masters Online ETF Program is designed for investors in Stage 1 who choose to use the Internet as their primary channel of interaction — but also want guidance and advice from an experienced professional as they take the first steps toward developing a Family Master Plan®.

The Real Difference

Soon after Money Masters was launched in 2005, several other online investment advisory firms were also created. As one of the original pioneers to offer advisory services onlines, we have continued to refine our business model in order to take advantage of new technology and also better serve the changing needs of our existing client families.

We remain true to our roots as a traditional advisory firm – offering several different investment programs and advisory access levels to our client families. We intentionally decided not to limit our managed investment advisory offering to just a set of computer based algorithms, like many Robo-Advisors.

The real difference – we let our clients choose which investment program and advisory service level best suits their current needs. We don’t let computer programs manage client assets. Instead, we rely upon our 30 years of investment advisory experience, in both up and down markets, to guide the trading decisions and overall strategy of our Investment Policy Committee.

Real People. Real Performance. Real Easy.

We encourage you to select the Money Masters Program that best suits your investment objectives. See the Advisory Services Chart for more details about each of the four different Money Masters programs offered.

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What is a Robo-Advisor?

Robo-advisors are a class of automated investment services that manage Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) online with minimal human intervention. While their recommendations may vary, most programs utilize computer algorithms to define their ETF asset allocation and trading models. These algorithms automatically adjust your ETF investments and may even try to minimize your annual tax bill.

What is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm?

A registered investment advisory firm (RIA) offers personal financial advice to its clients. Many registered investment advisory firms work with complex portfolios and address unique needs that may require a customized level of investment strategy and consultation.

What is an online Registered Investment Advisory firm?

The goal of Money Masters, our online registered investment advisory firm (RIA), is to help clients find investment solutions that are closely aligned with their needs and objectives during each life stage. For example, Money Masters Online EFT Program is our Stage One offering. Over time, as your needs become more complex, you can transition to the other life stage programs designed to allow us to develop a more personal relationship with you through regular interactions and scheduled client review meetings.


Money Masters seeks to combine the best of both

The goal of Money Masters is to combine the convenience and simplicity of investing online — with access to an experienced RIA who seeks to understand you, your goals, and your personal situation. We encourage you to select the Money Masters Program that best suits your investment objectives. See the Advisory Services Chart for more details about each of the four different Money Masters programs offered.

Offering four different Money Masters life stage programs allows you to choose your specific level of advisory access and investment services. You have the opportunity to combine convenient online tools presented by most Robo-Advisors — along with the benefits of working with a traditional Registered Investment Advisory firm. Seeking to combine the best-of-the-best is one of our core Money Masters success principles.

Get Started

The Money Masters Online ETF Program is a great place to get started. If you find that you want or need additional access to our other advisory services — simply get in touch with us and we will help you transition into a Stage TwoStage Three or Stage Four Money Masters program. Please note: if you transition from Stage One into any of the other programs, a separate Investment Advisory Agreement will be required. The Investment Advisory Agreement will be provided to you in advance for your review and will outline the specific advisory services and fees associated with each program.

About Us

When you open a Money Masters Account you become a client of the Retirement Corporation of America.
RCA was one of the first SEC Registered Investment Advisory firms to make their services available online, starting in 2005.