What is a Money Master?

Mutual fund managers that have satisfied our selection criteria.

The classic definition of a Money Master is a person who has consistently demonstrated their skills at managing money. Our definition of a Money Master is more specific. We define a Money Master as a mutual fund manager who has consistently generated performance results that are ahead of their peer group and their industry benchmark — not just once, but through the years, in both up and down markets. These managers must also meet our other selection criteria in order to qualify as one of our Money Masters.

In every industry, in every realm of life, there are people who rise to the top — Olympians, All Stars, Academy Award Winners, Golf Masters, and now our selected group of Money Masters.

Our Investment Strategy

We identify our select group of Money Masters investments and then monitor their results on a daily basis.

Our Research and Trading Team analyze the performance history of over 8,000 investments, comparing them to our specific selection criteria in order to select our top U.S. stock managers, our top international stock managers and our top bond managers. Once selected, the performance of our Money Masters investments are evaluated on a daily basis. Global markets and economic conditions are always changing, which is why we actively manage the diversified group of investments included within the asset allocation mix of each Money Masters Program portfolio.

Our Money Masters investments don't just get their spot within the managed portfolio and then stay in place indefinitely. They have to earn the right to retain their role — every day — by diligently seeking to achieve consistently superior performance results and continuing to satisfy our selection criteria.

Details of Our Selection Process

To identify our Money Masters, over 8,000 investments are screened and scored against six selection criteria. Click through to see more about each criteria.

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